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Paeonia 'Angelet'Paeonia 'Angelet'
Paeonia 'Angelet'
(Saunders 1950). One of the original ground breaking Paeonia lutea hybrids. Slightly fluted semi double flowers of yellow, delicately edged with a fine line of rose. The blooms have a deep maroon centre. Forms a bushy shrub that will have plenty of flowers, which are held high above the foliage in May.  Height and spread around 120cm.
Paeonia 'Black Pirate'Paeonia 'Black Pirate'
Paeonia 'Black Pirate'
This is one of the aristocrats of  the Lutea hybrid tree peonies. Notoriously difficult to propagate but no more difficult to grow than any other tree peony. Dramatic, deep mahogany red, semi-double flowers which open at an angle like broad trumpets. Plentiful blooms and finely dissected foliage which continues to be attractive throughout the growing season. Once established this hybrid will grow vigorously forming a shrub of great garden merit. One of the last tree peonies to flower in May. Height and spread after 8 years approx 120cm x 90cm.
Award of Garden Merit

Paeonia 'Center Stage'Paeonia 'Center Stage'
Paeonia 'Center Stage'
(D.L.Reath 2000) A stunning P.rockii/P.lutea hybrid tree peony which was registered just 22 years ago. This remarkable hybrid has foliage which is much more finely cut than most other P.lutea hybrids, and is a darker green, with the leaves being maintained until first frosts.  The flowers are outstanding. Large single to semi double blooms which open cream then quickly fade to pure white. They have a very eye-catching symmetrical centre, with long maroon flares exquisitely marked on the petals, detail so fine it looks as if they were applied with a paintbrush. The flowers even have a light sweet fragrance. This wonderful peony will grow strongly forming a dense multistemmed shrub approximately 120cm high by the same wide, although regular pruning can keep it smaller if required. Much easier to grow, and definitely more robust than the famous P. rockii. Very limited stock.    
Paeonia 'Chinese Dragon'Paeonia 'Chinese Dragon'
Paeonia 'Chinese Dragon'
(Saunders 1948). One for the collector. This is one of the first Lutea hybrids, and it has always been one of our personal favourites due to its hypnotic coloration. The single blooms are an iridescent shade of purple-crimson, which in the morning light can cause the flowers to exhibit a blue hue. Although perhaps not the most free blooming cultivar until mature, it remains one of the most captivating and hard to find of all tree peonies. Eventual height around 100-120cm.

Paeonia 'Gauguin'Paeonia 'Gauguin'
Paeonia 'Gauguin'
(Daphnis). Still one of the most unusual of the Lutea hybrids. On the inner side each petal is suffused with red on the inner side with strokes of yellow running through each petal. On the outer side the reverse happens with streaks of red running through the deep yellow shading. The centre of the flower is deep red with striking anthers in contrasting deep yellow. The breeder named this cultivar so because the exotic colours suggested the paintings of Paul Gaugin. Forms a shrub up to 100-120cm height and spread.
Paeonia 'Golden Bowl'Paeonia 'Golden Bowl'
Paeonia 'Golden Bowl'
(Saunders 1948). One of the first Lutea hybrids, yet still utterly captivating. Medium size blooms of intense lemon yellow are enhanced by the broad deep red flares at the base of each petal. Forms a dense bushy shrub with bright apple green foliage, attaining a height and spread of around 100-120cm.

Paeonia 'Marie Laurencin'Paeonia 'Marie Laurencin'
Paeonia 'Marie Laurencin'
(Daphnis). A wonderful Lutea hybrid named after a painter of the same name. A beautifully formed flower with petals ranging from pink to dark red to purple on the inner side and silvery on the outer side. Delightful and very blowsy flowers. Makes a neat bushy shrub up to around 100-120cm in height and spread.
Paeonia 'Mimi'Paeonia 'Mimi'
Paeonia 'Mimi'
This exotic looking Lutea Hybrid is of somewhat confusing parentage. However nothing belies it's lavishly ruffled flowers of intense violet purple. A very worthy garden shrub growing to about 100cm in height and spread. 

Paeonia 'Renown'Paeonia 'Renown'
Paeonia 'Renown'
(Saunders 1949). One of the most sought after cultivars and one that we have not been able to offer for sale for several years. Medium size flowers of bright copper rose, a delicacy of colour which is rarely found. Makes a bushy shrub with quite finely dissected foliage which is tinged red at the edges. A fine plant.


Paeonia 'Thunderbolt'Paeonia 'Thunderbolt'
Paeonia 'Thunderbolt'
(Saunders 1948). Single flowers or sometimes 2 rows of petals with a deep sheen. The deepest shade of crimson very similar to Black Pirate. The foliage is finely cut and is tinged red. A fine and magnificent tree peony forming a compact shrub up to 100-120cm height and spread.

Paeonia 'Vesuvian'Paeonia 'Vesuvian'
Paeonia 'Vesuvian'
(Saunders 1942) For us, this is the very latest flowering of all the tree peonies that we grow, often still in bloom towards the end of June. The double blooms are medium size, but a mature plant will be full of flowers. Deep dark black red, with dramatic purple undertones. The buds have sharply pointed tips and almost look like rosebuds. This is a short grower and rarely attains much more than 100cm high and wide. The foliage is finely cut and is deep red as it emerges, with the colour slowly fading back to the tips as the leaves unfurl. Scarce and rarely available to purchase, this is rare opportunity to obtain one of the most special of all tree peonies. Very limited stock.  
Paeonia 'Waucedah Princess'Paeonia 'Waucedah Princess'
Paeonia 'Waucedah Princess'
(Reath 1988).  A fine and very floriferous Lutea Hybrid with semi double to fully double blooms of bright lavender pink with deeper lavender red flares in the centre of the bloom. The petals are ruffled making for a very full bloom. Free flowering forming a dense bushy shrub up to 100-120cm height and spread. Rarely available.