The June Garden

Summer is here!...

Savour all your hard work. Take it all in, enjoy the colours, scents and charisma of your garden in June. But the trick is to keep the garden looking good. For example gardens should be aglow with colour, but yours may have spaces to fill. Find gap filling perennials to keep the vibrancy going accross the month and many perennials will spread rapidly once they are established. 

Also make sure to mulch using bark or good alternative - this retains water and negates the need to water as much - conserving moisture for your plants, and it keeps the weeds at bay. If you don't already have one, get yourself a water butt to catch rainwater - this is very worthwhile. 

Look for gap filling perennials this month

Cut back poppies as soon as the finish flowering


Lawns should be mowed regularly this time of year, at least once a week if possible. One reason for this is that the less grass taken off at each cut, the healthier it will remain. If there are dry spells and the grass turns a bit brown, just reduce the frequency of mowing, and raise the blades, so as not to cut to close. Ultimately mowing lawns regularly keeps them in good health, and also deters weeds! 

Make sure to keep your bird bath topped up! Birds need a daily supply of fresh water, and will love it when they find a reliable source!