Exquisite Tree Peonies

Tree peonies are the most exquisite, the most astonishing, and the most revered of all the spring flowering shrubs, yet are undemanding, are easy to grow and are totally hardy in the harshest winter. No other woody plant, not even the finest Magnolia can produce flowers up to 30cm in diameter from a plant just a metre or so tall. These regal blooms in a myriad of colours, not just the traditional peony pinks, reds and whites, but include orange, bronze, yellow, and purple. They become much-loved friends in the garden. Always there, returning to flower each year, dependable and perpetually beautiful. 

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The excitement begins in February as the shoots begin to expand. The new shoots are rich red and purple, gradually turning to green. The tiny flower buds are soon visible, and it is a source of wonder that these tiny spheres could possibly swell to become as large as golf balls.  A well-grown plant should not need any support, but it is inevitable that the occasional stem might just need staking as the flowers open. 

In our experience, tree peonies will thrive satisfactorily in both full sun and full shade, but the most sensational blooms always arise on the plants that are in light shade. The colours are richer and the blooms last longer. Choose a place where the air moves freely which helps prevent the occurrence of fungal problems in the developing shoots. They will thrive in most soil types and will enjoy both chalky and slightly acidic soils. They can also be grown in large pots. A wonderful benefit of a pot grown plant is that it may be kept in an exposed and cold part of the garden during the winter, and then bought right up to a doorway or window from March onwards, so that the developing buds and flowers can be enjoyed to maximum effect. 

There are many wonderful cultivars on our website. Each is individually superlative, and selection becomes a matter of personal choice. A canny selection of several cultivars can give you a show of this most regal of flowers from early April until early June.

We hope you enjoy browsing our selection and hope that we can tempt you to introduce these wonderful plants into your garden, or add to those that you may already have.