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Paeonia High Noon (Saunders Hybrid Tree Peony) Special Offer

Paeonia High Noon (Saunders Hybrid Tree Peony)


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This has got it all...looks, fragrance, and easy to grow!

This is without a doubt the easiest to grow and most rewarding of all the hybrid tree peonies to grow in the garden. Medium sized semi-double yellow flowers with raspberry flares at the base of each petal. The blooms have a strong fragrance which is quite unusual for tree peonies as a whole. Forms a vigorous shrub with dissected foliage and can soon attain 1.5m in height in as little as 5 years from planting.. An added bonus is that it may often throw up a few extra flowers in the autumn. 100% recommended!

Paeonia 'High Noon'

What is a containerised plant?

How to plant and care for tree peonies

If you have never grown a tree peony before, or just need a few tips or reminders, read our care guide here!

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