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Chelsea Update May 6th

Chelsea update, Friday 3rd May

It’s happening! The designers are on site, the gardens are being constructed and everything is now ramping up another gear! We have already sent 3 lorries to the showground and are loading the 4th one today with fabulous, prickly Monkey Puzzles for the Trailfinder’s Chilean garden. We will be sending around 25 lorries in total to the show, each one laden with precious plants all carefully nurtured by Matt and his team to peak for Press Day and the judges on 20th May.


Loading is an art in itself, we cannot have any damage in transit, so everything is packed with the greatest of care.
Some of the trees we supply are monsters and it can take several hours to carefully load a 40ft articulated lorry.


Our drivers are then dispatched to London with instructions to dodge all the potholes on the A303 and M3 for their 4hr journey to the show!
However, there is still around 15 days left of growing time remaining for the smaller perennials, and in Chelsea terms this is ages!

Plants are growing by the hour, and still need constant spacing, trimming, watering and staking. Some plants are coming on a bit too quick and are now in deep shade. Others still have a way to go, and are in hot and humid tunnels to get the maximum growth from them.
Most of our designer clients have made their final nursery visit and are now camped up in London building their gardens.

Daily phone calls ensure that they are kept in touch with the growth and progress of their plants, during these last few days of madness!

Watch out for our next update!

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