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Chelsea 2019. The Countdown Begins

With the memories and the chaos of Chelsea 2018 well behind us, we have already started planning for Chelsea 2019.

Any potential show garden designer has to submit a proposal, plans and a plant list to RHS by 1st August. These plans are put before a “secret” selection panel who meet later in the month to begin the process of deciding which proposals will be accepted.

It is an anxious time for everyone. As nurserymen and plant suppliers we want to start work as soon as possible to take advantage of the summer weather, long growing days and to have as much time as possible to source large or more unusual plants.

However in most cases the sponsor of any potential garden will not part with any cash until the garden is formally given the go ahead by the RHS and without that sponsorship money nobody can make a start!

Some proposals will end up not being accepted, and sometimes a potential garden is given the go ahead by the RHS but then the funding falls through.

Currently we have several really exciting potential gardens to work on.
Of course we are bound by confidentiality and cannot give any details at the moment... so watch for our next update!

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