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Ilex aquifolium Argentea Marginata Special Offer

Ilex aquifolium Argentea Marginata


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  • Common Name: Silver-margined Holly
  • Synonym: Ilex aquifolium 'Argentea Variegata'
  • Position: Full sun or partial shade
  • Soil: Fertile, moist but well-drained soil
  • Flowers: May to June
  • Flower Colour: White
  • Berry Colour: Red
  • Hardiness: Fully hardy
  • Habit: Medium-sized, slow-growing, evergreen tree
  • Height & Spread: 3m x 2m (after 5 years) - though over time can get a lot larger

A medium-sized, evergreen tree with spiny, undulate leaves and bearing dull white flowers in early summer followed by red berries in autumn and winter. To ensure the plant develops berries, it is necessary to plant a male holly nearby.

Ilex aquifolium 'Argentea Marginata' (f/v)