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Herbaceous Peonies

One of the timeless delights of late spring and early summer, peonies become like old friends, utterly dependable and a joy to greet each year.

From the moment the red shoots appear in late winter through the swelling of the flower buds, the explosion of flowering itself, through to the colourful autumn foliage, peonies have a worthy place in any garden. The following is a selection of some of the best garden worthy cultivars.

Bare root peonies are shipped from October through to the end of March. Containerised plants are recently potted field grown plants. They will not have rooted through the pot yet, so the compost may fall away when you plant them. This is the normal way to treat field grown peonies & roses, and nothing to worry about. Just incorporate the compost into the planting hole, gently firm in, and water well. 

We have a large selection of containerised peonies available in our Plant Centre.

Flowering periods

All our flowering periods relate to “middle England”, but please bear in mind that flowering can be earlier or later in other parts of the country, in additional to being seasonally variable so please only take as a rough guide to getting a successional display of flowers. Remember also that the flower colour appears on the bud often 2-3 weeks before the flower actually opens, so the season of colour is around 6 weeks!

  • Early: First 3 weeks of June
  • Mid: 2-4th week of June
  • Late 3rd week June to 1st week of July

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