RHS Chelsea 2023 - Update No.2

RHS Chelsea 2023 - Update No.2

RHS Chelsea 2023 - Update No.2

Once again Kelways are a main plant supplier to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023! We are growing for nine gardens, seven of which are listed below. 

Horatio's Garden
Designer : Charlotte Harris & Hugo Bugg

Horatio’s Garden is a place of sanctuary and hope, embracing the mission of Horatio’s Garden charity to create and nurture beautiful, accessible gardens in NHS spinal injuries centres. 

The planting is influenced by the flora of the wooded valleys that provided essential timber for the forges and furnaces of Sheffield. Shrubs, selected for extended seasonal interest, include Rosa mutablis, Hydrangea petiolaris in shrub form and Aruncus ‘Horatio’ - essential in every Horatio’s Garden.

Myeloma UK - A Life Worth Living Garden
Designer : Chris Beardshaw

This is our 3rd collaboration with Chris. The garden is created with the firm belief that beautiful gardens are truly transformative spaces. They offer a reminder to pause and appreciate the present moment, evoking a sense of calm reflection, hope and resilience. 

Delicate floral blooms of Aquilegas, geraniums and Symphytum dance amongst a verdant carpet of foliage in a multitude of forms and textures. This rich understorey bathes in the dappled light filtering through the layered canopies of trees and shrubs including Acers, Ginkgo biloba and Cornus kousa.

Samaritans' Listening Garden 
Designer : Darren Hawkes 

This is our 3rd time working with Darren at the show. Samaritans’ Listening Garden is inspired by stories of people who found the courage to reach out to Samaritans in their darkest times.

At the front of the garden, suspended concrete panels hang above a planting layer of spiny plants and dark colours. The pathway into the garden appears cracked with deep fissures leading down into blackness and the sound of gushing water. Stepping through the garden, things become calmer and more open, with a collection of Ulmus minor, and a sunken level with a sculptural bench which allows two people to sit, talk, listen, and be heard.

The Savills Garden
Designer : Mark Gregory

The Savills Garden evokes the experience of stepping into the intimate walled garden of a country hotel. The combination of beautiful ornamental and edible planting provides both a sanctuary and a source of the very best in flavours and nutrition.

Visitors to this tranquil retreat can rest under a mature tree, taking time to reconnect with nature, enjoying the formal planting, while anticipating the tasting experience to come.

The Boodles British Craft Garden
Designer : Tom Hoblyn 

This is our 6th time teaming up with Tom for the Chelsea Flower Show.

Inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites’ stylised depiction of woodlands, the garden is filled with plants selected for their perfected forms. The intricate feathery form of Alnus glutinosa 'Imperialis', the weeping Betula pendula and the double flowered Rosa 'Félicité-Perpétue' which rambles over the arbour whilst coloured forms of grasses, sedges and perennials surround the pool. Collectively the planting reinforces the theme of Mother Nature conjuring miracles in the natural world.

Hamptons Mediterranean Garden
Designer : Filippo Dester

This is our second collaboration with Filippo.  

The palette of Mediterranean plants includes clouds of scented shrubs, aromatic herbs and drought-tolerant ornamental perennials. The scheme reflects a changing climate where conscious water usage is essential and planting encourages biodiversity, providing its inhabitants with food and shelter.

The Teapot Trust : Elsewhere Garden
Designer : Nicola Semple & Susan Begg

‘Elsewhere’ represents a child’s imagination as it blossoms in response to the freedom gifted by art therapy. Through this escape into art, children find coping strategies to deal with life.

The ‘Dolly Mixture’ stream, brims with bright candelabra primulas, coloured panels feature simplified children’s artwork while kinetic sculptures and sound art illustrates the power of art to unlock imagination encouraging us to see and hear in new ways. 

Stay tuned for our next update!

Posted by Liam Murphy
20th December 2022

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