RHS Chelsea Flower Show Update

RHS Chelsea Flower Show Update

Barely has the dust settled on last month’s first ever September Chelsea and we are already well into preparations for the next Show in May 2022 just 7 months away! Spurred on by helping our clients win Both Best in Show Gardens, 3 gold Medals, 1 Silver Gilt, and 1 Silver, we are feeling good.

For 2022, we have had many more requests than we can feasibly grow for, which has made for some difficult decisions. So far, we are already well into the potting and growing for 5 Show Gardens, with potentially another 4 which are not yet confirmed. If we take on all nine, then it will be one of the largest numbers of Show Gardens that we have done. However, we currently have the most amazing team of professional horticulturists that we have ever had, and so we are confident that we can pull it off.

Fortunately, the application process for Chelsea Show Gardens for 2022 seems to have expediated quickly and smoothly this year, which means that sponsors have released the funding for us to start work much earlier than usual. In an ideal world we want to get the perennials potted by the end of October. However more frequently it’s November or even December before we can start work which gives us very limited growing time.

If we can pot plants during October, we can really take advantage of the mild weather, and the last of the longer days to get the plants established. Plant roots grow at lower temperatures than leaves and stems, and so plants potted now will put most of their energy into root production.

This means that in early spring when temperatures warm again, the plants have a solid root system for both anchorage and for absorbing water and nutrients and are well placed to put their energies into leaves and flowers.

We cannot say yet, who, we are working with for 2022, but all will be revealed later in the year!

Posted by Liam Murphy
8th October 2021

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