19 days to go until RHS Chelsea 2021

19 days to go until RHS Chelsea 2021

We are heading into the last few precious growing days before we start sending plants to the Chelsea Flower Show. The contractors are already on site and the building of the Show Gardens has begun. 

The first delivieries of large trees, and the hedges will be going to the Show over the coming weekend, but it will be 9 days yet before the first perennials arrive. So, we have a few more days to nurture, feed, space, stake, and generally fuss over our precious plants. 

We now know what plants will clearly not make it to Chelsea and are having discussions with all the designers to come up with alternatives, or small design changes to accomodate any design issues. Conversely, some plants have performed exceptionally well, and there may be more scope for using them widely in a garden. 

One of our more unexpected issues has been slug and snail damage on foliage, which we are being very diligent about. Also red spider mite has sometimes been a problem where we have moved plants into a warm tunnel to speed them up. However, the mites are usually controlled naturally by opening the vents to lower the temperature and increasing the humidty without the need to resort to chemical treatments. 

Without a doubt its a tense time, but we feel reasonably confident that we have done the best that we could have done so far, and we have thousands of beautiful plants on the nursery, and ready to go to The Ball! 

Check in next time and see the plants being wrapped and loaded and heading off to London. 

Posted by Liam Murphy
2nd September 2021

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