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Chelsea 2021 update November 19th

RHS Chelsea 2021, Gardens Revealed!

Finally, we can announce some of the Show Gardens that we will be involved with for the 2021 Chelsea Flower Show. Nobody knows for sure what the format will be, but it seems that a show of sorts will be taking place from 18th May 2021. But you can't press ''pause'' with nature, and we remain crazy busy on the nursery potting, splitting, and sowing seeds of many thousands of plants.


Here are just 2 of the gardens that we are growing for...

Trailfinders' 50th Anniversary Garden
Designer : Jonathan Snow

We continue to roam the world with Jonathan, and this is our third garden with him. It aims to capture the essence of Nepal through a representation of the culture, plants and landscape of the Himalayan foothills. The plant palate are those species that thrive in the cool temperate hillsides with humus rich soil, dappled shade, high rainfall and humidity.  

                        Matteuccia struthiopteris 

Plants include wonderful shuttlecock ferns Matteuccia struthiopteris, candelabra primulas and some unusual Rodgersia. There will also hopefully be some unusual iconic Himalayan plants that we had a practice run with during 2020, which will mean that we can perfect them for the 2021 show.

                        Primula bulleyana

And whilst we do not think that Jonathan has any plans for a Yeti making an appearance in the garden, there is every chance that there may be Zombies. (see the picture below) Watch this space...and be scared!


Bible Society : The Psalm 23 Garden
Designer : Sarah Eberle

We first worked with Sarah on her Monaco garden for Chelsea 2011, which remains one of the most memorable Chelsea gardens of all time. Every garden that Sarah asks us to help with gets a ''yes of course!'' response from us, before we even ask, ''so what are we doing then?'' This garden brings Psalm 23 to life and is inspired by the landscape of Dartmoor.  

We are growing many grasses, ferns and sedges, which will adorn the huge rocks, and grow both in and out of the water in the garden. There are plenty of beautifully placed flowering plants in the garden too, both native and non-native.

And with Sarah's eye for throwing a curved ball there will be a few surprise plants too, which of course we cannot reveal just yet!

Watch this space for our next update on December 2nd when we will reveal 2 more gardens that we are growing plants for, in preparation for Chelsea 2021.

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