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Chelsea 2021 Update October 21st

At the time of writing there is still nothing confirmed about the nature of the 2021 Chelsea Flower Show, other than the RHS saying that it will go ahead. So all we can do is keep ploughing on with potting and sourcing many thousands of plants for Chelsea 2021 and potentially the 7 gardens that have asked us to grow for them.

It is a bit strange picking up the momentum again on a garden that we started on over a year ago, but as mentioned in our last update the advantage is that many of the plants are much larger now, and also we have had a trial run with any unusual plants that we have not grown before. 

Frustratingly we cannot mention any of the projects that we are working on. We have to sign confidentiality agreements on some of the gardens now (yes really!!). However what we can say is that there is a very strong Asian influence and 3 of the gardens we are growing for are based in this part of the world. There is also a continuing and strong naturalistic feel to most of the gardens. The traditional pretty Chelsea garden brimming with perennials is not on trend anymore it seems, and flowering shrubs and insect attracting native plants have a strong presence in most gardens.

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