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Alistair Bayford. Family Monsters Garden. Gold.

Alistair Bayford: Family Monsters Garden. Gold

We find ourselves less involved in the Artisan gardens these days, but we couldn't turn down the opportunity of working with Alistair on the Family Monsters Garden which struck a chord with every member of the team at Kelways.


A charming palette of pastel woodland plants, was the perennial mix, along with some larger shrubs. For various reasons, Alistair was not able to visit us to see his plants as often as he had hoped, and so we relied heavily on understanding Alistair’s brief so that we could progress the garden in his absence, and also felt confident to add extra plants to his list that we felt might also work within the garden. Alistair trusted us to grow and deliver what he wanted.

The garden is charming, yet has a powerful message within its enclave. We are so proud to have been part of it, and hope that Alistair will be tempted back to do another garden soon.

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