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Chelsea Update March 29th

Chelsea Update 29th March 2019
Just a quick update this week!
The weather as usual is dominating proceedings on the nursery. It has warmed up again in the past few days, and most of the plants are at full throttle, and growing like crazy. Sometimes the amount of growth that a perennial can put on in a 24 hour period is breathtaking.


We are currently anticipating that this warm weather will continue for the next few weeks, so on that basis, most of the early flowering plants such as Aquilegias, Lupins, Anthriscus, Angelica, and Pulmonaria have already been moved outside, and are growing beautifully. Each day we anxiously check for flower buds, but so far so good.


This means that the outdoor growing spaces are rapidly filling up, more more quickly than they did last year. So many plants are needing to be cooled down and move outside. However conversely there is much more room than usual in the tunnels!


The greatest danger we face is that tunnels and plastic houses can rapidly overheat in a matter of minutes when the sun comes out. Fragile leaves can scorch, extension growth can stretch and flop, and a plant that has taken months to grow can be ruined in a few hours.
Risks aside, we generally feel that we are growing some of the finest and largest plants that we have ever produced. And once plants are outside in the fresh air they always benefit, so an early year is overall a good thing.
If you have been following our Chelsea updates, you may remember the Echiums that we were concerned about holding back for Chelsea. Well here’s the latest picture! Not looking great!! But we will see!


Just over 7 weeks to go until the 2019 Chelsea Flower Show opens its doors to the world.

Watch out for next weeks update! 

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