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Sky Garden Planting Begins

Planting has begun at 20 Fenchurch Street in London, the long-awaited, newest skyscraper to hit the London skyline. We have been working with Willerby Landscapes and the owners for the last two years sourcing and growing on the plants for this spectacular project which will house the first public park in London over 200m in the air!

Getting the plants up to the top level is fraught with difficulties. Most of the plants will be taken up using the service lifts in the building, but the largest ones needed to be craned up as you can see in this stunning video from Land Securities.

The plan is that the Sky Garden will be open in the December and offers unrivalled 360° panoramic views of London along with 2 restaurants and a café-bar. In the New Year, members of the public will also be able to visit the Sky Garden without the need for a restaurant reservation.

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