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Asarum splendens Special Offer

Asarum splendens


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Order for Delivery within 7 days

  • Common Name: Chinese Wild Ginger
  • Position: Full shade
  • Soil: Dry to well-drained soil
  • Flowers: March to April
  • Flower Colour: Purple
  • Hardiness: Fully hardy
  • Habit: Semi-evergreen perennial
  • Height & Spread: 20cm × 30cm
A most unusual and interesting, rarely offered for sale in the UK. This fast-growing, decorative form of wild ginger is perfect for dry shade. The leaves are dark green, elongated heart-shaped, irregularly splashed with metallic-looking markings. It stays evergreen in most winters though if it does get hit, will soon come back into life again in spring. The flowers are incredible, but you'll have to get on your hnds and knees to spot them. They appear right at the base of the plant and are purple and funnel-like in appearance.
Asarum splendens RHS Chelsea Flower Show