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Fallopia baldschuanica (3 litre) Special Offer

Fallopia baldschuanica (3 litre)


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  • Common Name(s): Russian Vine, Mile-a-minute vine
  • Position: Thrives in sun or shade
  • Soil: Most garden soils
  • Flowers: Throughout the summer months
  • Flower Colour: White, small racemes
  • Habit: vigorous climber scrambler
  • Height 6m
  • Leaves: Deciduous

This vigorous climber is not called "mile a minute" for nothing! It is one of the best plants for covering a shed, a tumbledown outbuilding, or indeed any unsightly object. Site carefully and give it a hard prune in the spring to slow it down!

supplied in a 2 litre pot on a 60cm tripod

Fallopia baldschuanica