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Billardiera longiflora


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  • Common Name: Blueberry, Long-flowered Apple Berry, Purple Apple Berry, Oval-flowered Apple Berry
  • Position: Full sun to partial shade in a sheltered position
  • Soil: Fertile, moist but well-drained soil
  • Flowers: May to June
  • Flower Colour: White
  • Fruit: July to August
  • Fruit Colour: Purple
  • Hardiness: Borderline hardy (may require some winter protection)
  • Habit: Evergreen climber
  • Height & Spread: 240cm × 150cm
Grown An unusual climbing shrub, grown primarily for its small evergreen leaves and for the ornamental, almost cuboid waxy berries, that are produced in the autumn and last long into the winter.  Whilst garden hardy it is best grown in a warmer part of the garden and given a heavy mulch in the autumn to protect the plant during the winter.  Will grow well outside in milder locations.
Billardiera longiflora RHS Award of Garden Merit