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Percy Goddard


(Information kindly supplied by Percy’s daughter, Mrs Mary Sheppard)

My father was Percy Goddard, born 19 November 1904, who lived at the Tanyard Cottages as a boy.

He left school at 12 years old and went to work at Kelways Nurseries in 1916.  He worked in the onion room which was absolutely full of onion seed stacked to the ceiling.  He also said that he worked in the place called ‘the temple’ where Kelways wagons and implements were stored.  This building was only about 200 yds down the lane from where I live adjoining the lane.  He once said that he was involved in an accident when he fell through a trapdoor in the nurseries.  The men on site thought he had been killed but he escaped with an injured back.  At the age of 16 he worked for Kelways in the morning and in the afternoon went on the train to Exeter and put his age on to join the army.

There was a joke at the time when he worked there about a time when it was raining and one of the boys said “more rain more rest”.  When Mr Kelway asked him to repeat it, he said “more rain more grass, sir”.

After the war Percy became a railway signalman.  He worked at Langport West and also at Langport East stations from 1947 to 1964.  In the photo below he's standing in the signal box at Langport West station.

 Percy Goddard